Our school management software providing unique and user friendly features to the Administration, Teachers and Parents where all together communicating digitally on Realtime. Following list features that our school erp offering

School Admin Features

  • Student management
  • Fee management
  • Online fee payment by parents
  • Smart attendance management
  • Online live classes
  • Bus tracking
  • Library management
  • Events management
  • Accounting and more...

Yoskool Parent App Features

  • Online live classes
  • Student activities tracking
  • Online fee payment
  • Online assignments
  • Event photos and videos
  • Attedance tracking
  • Bus tracking
  • Monthly Syllubus
  • Feed back
  • Support

Yoskool Teacher App Features

  • Time table
  • Online classes schedules
  • Online fee payment
  • Assignements to the students
  • Leaves
  • Notifications
  • Bus tracking
  • Monthly Syllubus upload
  • Exams schedules and marks entry